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National Test Centre for Unmanned Aircraft Systems


In Cooperation with Industry & Research

The National Test Centre for Unmanned Aircraft Systems is open for research and testing to anyone in the aviation industry. Attracting the interest of various companies using and developing flight systems, we welcome start-ups as well as well-established businesses in the industry. Our vision is to establish Cochstedt as the centre of attraction for a next generation technology in Saxony-Anhalt.

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Incoming Aircraft

Currently, all incoming aircraft require a PPR application. Please send us your request by using the form below.



Demonstration of Traffic Management in Urban Airspace

The aim of the CITY-ATM project is to devise a concept for managing and controlling air traffic, including new aviation participants such as unmanned aircraft and air taxis in the uncontrolled airspace.




We regularly host test flights with the ALAADy Demonstrator (ADO), aiming to increasingly automatizing it. The first-ever flight test vehicle of the German Aerospace Center, the ADO is still one of the main users of the airfield in Cochstedt.




Cochstedt regularly runs the large-scale FT system superARTIS. We have scheduled test flights for the Drones4Good project in the autumn, for example.


Project Falcon

In the Falcon project, we use two large aircraft UAS (35 kg size classes) to practice in-flight docking operations using a controlled docking device. The purpose of the project is to test its value to collecting rocket stages re-entering the atmosphere.


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Our Aspirations

So far, we have planned and carried out several projects, in cooperation with our colleagues from the German Aerospace Center. Our most important goals for the near future include


  • to integrate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in the airspace

  • to develop new concepts for UAS

  • to support industry and science in terms of technological questions

  • to promote and enable start-up businesses and SMEs

  • to support politics and the authorities in questions regarding legislative and regulatory issues as well as issues of public interest (safety, noise, etc.)

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